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E-fatbike rental at Haltia
E30 - E-fat Tunturi eMax koko S
E31 - E-fat Tunturi eMax koko S
E27 - E-fat Helkama FE10 koko M
E29 - E-fat Helkama FE10 koko M
E32 - E-fat Helkama koko M
E33 - E-fat Helkama koko M
E26 : E-fat Helkama FE12 koko L
E28 - E-fat Helkama FE12 koko L
E34 - E-fat Helkama koko L
E11 - E-fat Tunturi Tribe koko M
E12 - E-fat Tunturi Tribe koko M
E13 - E-fat Tunturi Tribe koko M
E14 - E-fat Tunturi Tribe koko M
E15 - E-fat Tunturi Tribe koko M
E16 - E-fat Tunturi Tribe koko M
E17 - E-fat Tunturi Tribe koko M
E18 - E-fat Tunturi tribe koko M
E19 - E-fat Tunturi tribe koko M
E21 - Pöllö E-fat Tunturi tribe M
From €55.00 / 2 h
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Bike Rental Finland Oy info@biking.fi +358 20 7302480 Company id: 1102854-3 Merchant terms

Instructions for renting
Book and pay the bike on this site.

Pick-up the bike from Haltia

You get the bike from info point in Haltia - Finnish Nature Center, address Nuuksiontie 84, 02820 Espoo within the opening hours of Haltia.You can check the opening hours from haltia.com.

Please bring along:
- Credit or bank card
- ID
- Suitable clothing for biking
- Water and lunch/snacks (you can also buy these at Haltia)
- Enough time

Credit card

When you get your bike, you or a member of your group will be charged a € 200 deposit, which will be refunded when you return the bike intact and by the agreed time. The fee is not per bike, but applies to the entire rental.


Take your ID with you. Before we give you your bike, we always check the identity and credit information of the lessee. 

Suitable clothing and change of clothes

Wear clothes that can get dirty. The bike do not have mudguards. You can also bring along some clean spare clothing if you want..


The rental agreement is made with every lessee regardless of whether the rent is paid in advance or whether it is paid at the Haltia info. Safety issues and bike use are reviewed, please come to Haltia well in advace, at popular times there might be rush when handing over the bikes. 


It is mandatory to use a helmet. The rental price includes a helmet. We recommend to use a scarft under the helmet. You can borrow a repair kit from the rental company, just in case(one per group). In the dark/twilight, you can borrow a headlight.

Where can you use the e-fatbikes?

If you need information about the trails, our staff is happy to help. At Haltia you can purchase beverages, a drinking bottle, maps and rent camping equipment, like back packs, gas stoves, sleeping bags and tents.
You are allowed to use e-fatbikes in Haltia region and in Nuuksio. You are not allowed to take the bike elsewhere. If you need to use the bike somewhere else, plese contact our sales team. It is possible to transport the bikes in Nuuksio, Vihti, Espoo and Helsinki region for extra charge.


Return the bike (and helmet) intact and at the time your rental period ends. Return the repair kit and headlight on the right positions. Should you exceed your rental time, please report immediately to +358401636200. The next rider could be waiting for the bike.

Terms and conditions:  https://johku.com/bikerentalfinland/en_US/info/deliveryTerms (opens in a new tab)

Bike Rental Finland Oy and its authorized parties have a right to check your credit information. A credit note can prevent you from renting a bike. Bike frames and batterys have integrated positioning, meaning that each bike can be traced in the event of misuse. There is a recording camera surveillance in our facilities and area.

Responsible dealer:

Bike Rental Finland Oy
Tel. +358 20 7302480